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Dear You,

I was looking for something in her bag. Her bag was the most organized bag I’ve ever seen. Her pressed powder and lipstick placed in one pocket along with the keys. In the main pocket her handkerchief and wallet rest. Her wallet has many IDs inserted accordingly. She has bills on one section and coins on the other. She also has a pen in the small side pocket of her bag. I was looking for something yet I couldn’t find it. 
Suddenly, I saw myself inside a room. It wasn’t an ordinary room. It has a bed with big flashes of lights around it. There are many people inside the room. All wearing a white laboratory gown with their hair covered. There were a lot of tools on a table. Everyone was doing their thing and they were definitely busy. I was pretty sure that something was about to happen. And then, I saw her. She has the same face as I remembered her but a younger one. I saw fear and pain in her eyes as it swell with tears. But at the same time I sensed how she managed to be brave. I heard a loud voice. She groaned in tears. I can feel the pain upon hearing her voice. She was groaning in pain and struggling bravely at the same time. It took quite a while before I heard a strange voice. It was a soft one. A soft cry that echoed in the room. I saw her face. It was a familiar face. She was beautiful. She has the woman’s eyes and also a brunette like her. Her lips were soft pink. She was crying badly until she was carried by her. She suddenly calm down from her crying while she was in her arms. It’s as if her whole world was secured. She found rest in her arms. And the woman, her eyes were filled with tears. She looked at her with so much passion. Her eyes suddenly reflected so much joy and love. She adored her so much. I can see how she loved her dearly as she carried her gently in her arms. I can feel the intensity of her gaze upon the child. She loved her. I think I found what I was looking for. That scene made me felt something deeply beautiful. It was a beautiful moment. So beautiful but it woke me up in tears. I felt pained. A deep and great pain hovered my heart. It was a beautiful moment but I experienced too much pain upon waking up from it. And I wonder why. It’s as if it was a part of my memory. 


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