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I love your whole being.

I love your scars.

I love your pain.

I love your smile.

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I love your laugh.

I love everything about you.

It is 2AM and I love you.

How can you possibly love someone so much even if you can’t have that person? 

But loving doesn’t mean “having” or “owning” that person.. sometimes loving means you should allow them to fly. Sometimes loving means supporting them to what they really want. Sometimes loving means being that bridge to their dreams. And most of the time loving means being there, always.

I love you even if you feel ashamed of your weight.
If I could only tell the world how proud I am to love someone like you I would definitely do it. You are more than just beautiful. You’re a masterpiece. You’re more than just your body weight, the size of your pants or the look you see in the mirror. You are more than that. Because the superficial will never outnumber what you have inside. You have a heart that is gold and a personality that can instantly stop someone’s frailty. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why you feel so heavy.. because your heart is BIG. And in case you don’t know, you are someone’s answered prayer. So please don’t ever feel bad about your weight, because someone will always love you just the WEIGH you are.

I love you more than my what ifs.
In this world full of uncertainty, my love for you is the only certain feeling I will always be sure of because in this world full of what ifs you are my what is.

I love watching you sleep.
Is it as if I am peacefully looking at my universe. I can feel the calmness and serendipity. When everything is quiet and the tickling of the clock is the only thing you can hear, you have no idea that every tick of it goes along with my heartbeat.

I love you everytime I wanted to give up.
You’re my ultimate cheerleader and everytime I want to stop, you always find a way to make me believe that I still can. You’re my goal-setter and whenever I think about you I always want to be better.

I love you more everytime you push me away.
Love wasn’t supposed to be easy. I learned that I should hold on more during hard times because if you feel like giving up, I will always prove to you that you’re worth fighting for. If you feel like you’re a burden to me, I will always make you feel that I’ll never get tired of you. And when time comes that you’ll let me prioritize other things than you, I will never do it because “FIRST things first” and you will always be my first.

I love you like how Abraham loved Isaac.
A love that is willing to surrender everything that you exactly prayed for. If time comes that God will take over to what I feel, I will let Him take the wheel.. but I will always love you still.

I love you like how Jacob waited for Rachel.
Because time is meaningless when you’re inlove and I can spend the rest of my life loving you in my own special ways. I am not waiting for you to love me back, I just want you to know that in me you will always have a home.

I love you like how Joseph loved Mary.
Accepting what you’ve been through, supporting you with what you’ll go through and still want to grow through everything with you. I will always love everything you love. I will always support you with what you want in life. And I will always stand for you.

I love you like how our savior, Jesus Christ, loves you.
I love you will all the infinite reasons in this world. The first time I saw you I knew that I will love you and up to this day I still do. I love you even if you feel like you don’t deserve to be loved. I love you even at times you feel so weak because I promise I can be your strength. I love you with acceptance and understanding when times are tough and you feel like crying. I love you and I am proud of you because you are my life and I live to love you.

To all “I love you’s”, I rarely say..

To all “I love you’s”, I may not tell you everyday..

Please let my actions speak for me because truly there is more than what meets the eye and definitely there is more to love than those three words.

I hope you felt it.

But I really wanted to tell you anyway.. I LOVE YOU MY QUEEN!

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