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Time is gold, it is one of the important things in life

For me this is the only thing that never ends

The hands of time will never stop, it will continue to tick as the days goes by

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The ticking sound of the clock is an indication of how the day ends and how will it start again


Time is precious, this is the best gift you can give to someone.

Giving someone your time is like giving your life to that person

It’s like saying, I value my time as I value my life

I’m giving you my time because I value you.


I never thought that time will be this important to me.

That it will matter in my life. Before, I used to get bored with the slow ticking of the clock.

I used to complain why time is so slow

But now I want it to suddenly stop, even just for 30 minutes


Everyday I’m looking forward for this 30 minutes of my life

This 30 minutes when I can feel that I am whole again

The 30 minutes when I can feel my heart beating erratically


The most precious 30 minutes of my life

It is when I can show my true feelings without pretending to anyone else

Because this 30 minutes of my life is the only time when I can call you mine

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