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I was honestly… stressed, I don’t know if this is what they call “depression”, but when i’m alone in my room, weird things come flooding on my mind as if the thoughts were contaminated with toxicity, it makes me sad… and that’s when I started crying.

I have friends, I’ve got a complete family, I was a happy person, I always laugh with them, then why does loneliness keep creeping me like a monster in the closet? It’s claws was so sharp that it creates vexatious screeching sound.

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I’ve read quotes, sayings and even listened to speakers who has inspiring speeches, I couldn’t stop myself from asking “Why am I still here?”

“Why am I not getting any progress of my life?”

Oh… yeah… the disappointment that myself has been setting when I couldn’t be even be successful to the things I put my heart into.

Oh… yeah… the insecurities that I let in unto my rotted mind… “Why can these people achieve the things that’s been my struggle for years? Why am I still here, couldn’t even be enthusiastic to cheer myself up, when I’m actually a happy person?”

Here it is now, the orange is melting, I am melting as the sun sets under the horizon, I’m starting to see embers that will soon die.

The orange is melting, I need help.

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