Isn’t it liberating to know that whatever it was that bended you hard, taught you to become wise enough not to repeat the same mistake you did before?

Whenever you get to remember the struggles you kept battling, you smile at the memory of your sleep-less nights.

Every tear you’ve shed.
Every pain you’ve tried to conceal.
And every self-reminders you’ve mastered just to get it through, made you who you are today.

You see?

Without all those pains you’ve been through, you will never understand how lovely it is to find love.
Despite the fall backs, there were still beauty in its journey.
The experiences you’ve had encouraged you to still keep hoping that the one you’ve lost was just a preparation for something grander.
It is not just all about how much you receive but how kind you had given.
Love is not an expectation you set.
It is a lesson you continuously learn each time.