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Feeling a little rush lately? The exigency of rushing things laid in front of you? The feeling wherein we optitate to get things done like a bolt. Have you felt that God is not answering your prayers? As if He has forgotten you and your daily prayers.

Hush! Take it is slow. Sometimes, rushing things and having things done with urgency has two possible outcomes (well, for me).

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It’s good to cerebrate ahead of time about how we can consummate our tasks, home works or projects. An advantage as well that we have done it ahead of deadline and have more leisure after. But sometimes, when we are speeding things up, we don’t get to descry the features that we missed, the tiny detail that we weren’t able to visually perceive that was missing. Making the impeccable timing at an erroneous time.

So we end up, doing it again. Consuming more of our time. Endeavoring to rectify things and how we want it to be.

Consider also the time wherein we got tired of waiting for God to answer our prayers. Come on, don’t deny it. I know there has been a time you felt abandoned by Him. Because you want Him to grant your requests as soon as possible.

Remember, there is always a reason behind every delay and behind every early due. Trust in God’s perfect timing. It’s better to wait for a while  and have things fall into place according to plan than to rush and have things fall apart.

The stoplight itself is a reminder to us that in every decision we make and in every single thing we do we should slow down, and stop.  We should halt in order for our other plans or things to continue. Just bear in mind, when we don’t get what we desire from God, He may be about to provide us something even better.

Hush. Don’t rush. Perfect timing is everything.

And I’ll be ending this with this verse

Ecclesiastes 3:1 There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens


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