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Faithful. For me, this is exactly who He is. He is so faithful to us as if He has never seen our flaws and imperfections.

He is the One who knows and has seen our flaws, imperfections, failures, and our heart that can make an ordinary person to dislike us, make us feel unworthy and not valuable at all.

But He’s no ordinary. He is not the One that will make us feel unloved, unworthy, and not valuable.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

He is the One who remains faithful from the beginning. He is the One who has chosen us, loved us, value us, protect us, and all. Despite all the flaws, and imperfection, He has seen in us.

Dear, I just want you to know that He is the One. The One that is faithful forever. We just need to trust Him.

He can give us the best value that we are praying for, the best comfort that we are looking for, and the best love that we are dying to feel.

Remember that ordinary people can give you love, value, and comfort.

But only God can give you the best of it.

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