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Have you ever found yourself in the intersection of giving up and holding on? A confusing and tough crossroad which seems to be a never-ending cycle of the here and now. You are bombarded with different emotions, trying to weigh the pros and cons. One morning you woke up that you are ready to leave, the next day you are reluctant again. You just want a black and white answer but a handful of fear and doubts are surfacing. Ambivalence keeps on striking-in.
Most often than not, you wrestle with God. You insist what you want, and ignore His plans. This happens when we get blindsighted with the curve balls of life and turned to the answers of man. While we are in a traffic light, we need to keep ourselves tuned with God. Surrendering all our apprehensions to the omnipotent is hard but is the best thing to do. He knows how exactly we feel, He mourns when we cry, He is joyful when we smile. Though He knows what is inside our hearts, He wants us to humble ourselves and speak with Him. It is through prayer that He can talk to us and get close to Him. You may not find the answer now but in His perfect time He will reveal it. You will be amaze on how He will turn your worrries into a blessing. Just hold on to Him and keep it tight. He will tell you when the green light is on and he will lead you to the best destination. #onthewaytoworkthoughts

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