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Year 2009 on the month of December, everything is exciting. Christmas decors are filling my eyes with excitement and Christmas carols are lifting our spirits with hopes of fulfilling each of our desires this holiday season. And there is only one person we depended in granting our wishes, Mr. Santa Claus.

There is no other happy thoughts than thinking about Mr. Santa outside, sneaking in  and putting the most sophisticated toys I always wanted.  Every Christmas morning is special to me. I always run downstairs the moment I open my eyes. Faster than ever, I pour upside down the sock I hanged the night before to find handful of sweet candies with money in it. Such a joy for a 9 year-old me! Then, finding my Christmas presents under the Christmas tree is one of the best childhood memories I will always have. Unwrapping it doubles the fun!

I always believed that Mr. Santa favored me with these, I longed to hug him after receiving his gifts. Not until one decade has passed…

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2019, everything has changed. Even the Christmas decors we used to hang have aged. My childish desires turned into begging favors that no amount of money can equal to, no person can buy it from the market. My strong belief every Christmas that Mr. Santa will grant me my wishes has gone. I knew that he never really existed and that thing could be the saddest revelation that could happen to a hopeful 9 year-old child.

There could be no joy at all. But then again, everything has changed indeed. I am no longer a 9 year-old kid, I know that the one who granted me my wishes is not an imaginary character but a greater man above. I know that the one who gives the best gifts in life is a more  magical and powerful man above. My family and friends are what He has given me that I will always treasure every Christmas.

Now, I still run downstairs every Christmas morning, but not to look for what presents I got, but rather I greet every member of my family a “Merry Christmas” with a grateful thought that we are happy and complete. Also, my excitement in greeting my friends through chat is the same as unwrapping my gifts way back ten years ago.

To discover that my real Santa Claus is God Himself and He will never be gone is the most precious and happiest thing that could happen to a hopeless 19 year-old girl 😉

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