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It is not always I am strong, I also cry, I am also weak.
It is not always I understand, sometimes I also seek to be understood.
It is not always I make people happy, I secretly hope that someone will make me happy too.
It is not always I am right, most of the time I am wrong and open for rebuke and correction.
It is not always I am beautiful, because sometimes I also feel ugly both inside and out.
It is not always I am in peace, there are times I am troubled and in chaos.
It is not always I hold my temper and my emotions, sometimes I burst out and get tired too.

But, it is not always about me anyway…

It is to who strengthens me whenever I cry and felt weak.
It is to who understands me whenever I seek for understanding.
It is to who fills me with joy and happiness whenever I hope for someone making me happy.
It is to who graciously rebukes and corrects me whenever I am wrong and I fall short.
It is to who sees me beautiful and said I am His treasured possession, and the apple of His eyes.
It is to who provide me peace whenever I am troubled and uncertain. He is the “Prince of Peace”.
It is to who patiently comforts me, pacify me, fills me with many of His promises whenever I loose track of who I am and almost giving up.

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He promised me that He will never leave and forsake me. “It is not always I am alone, because I was not actually left alone, I have Jesus with me all along.”

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