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I have learned so far, na sa buhay natin, we need to maintain and balance 5 important things. Yes, maraming importante sa buhay natin, pero, at least for me, ito ung sa tingin ko would help us keep going and more over, sane.

  1. We need something to dearly believe in. Ung tipong dahil sa paniniwala natin sa isang bagay na yon, naging life principle na rin natin yon, coz we knew na iyon ung tama. Personally, my belief of Christ has affected the ins and outs of my life at a major scale. The fact that He died for a wicked, undeserving and sinful me, is unfathomable that all I can do now is try my bestest to do his will and purpose for my life.
  2. Hobbies and recreational activities. Things that would keep us feeling alive and naglu-look forward tayo doon na magawa palagi. Hobbies that we think would be beneficial for our health and would keep us excited and proud of ourselves, whenever we see improvements and achievements. It could be hiking, travelling, exercising, swimming, playing instruments, and whole lot more. But we must remember to spell B.A.L.A.N.C.E.
  3. A challenging job. Yung trabaho na patuloy nating gustong gawin, dahil nachachallenge tayo at nakikita natin ung sarili natin na nage-excel tayo sa area na yon. Trabahong enough to sustain our needs and furthermore, acknowledge and know that God has a purpose for us in this area to bring glory and honor to His name. Moreover, a challenging job or task is not limited to earning and being a professional but working in a sense of getting a benefit, such as doing charity works, volunteering, being a friend and just being available for the expansion of the kingdom of God.
  4. A good set of friends . Not referring to a number of Facebook friends, instead, I meant those friends who will encourage us, ung ready tayong pagalitan, ready tayong pag laban kung kailangan. Lalo na yung mga friends na kaya tayonng ipagdasal sa oras ng pangangailangan, at ipagpasalamat sa oras ng kaligayahan. This is why I appreciate my Discpleship Family. Wherein, I can be the “me” without hesitations, tell them my struggles, tell them my joys, successes, failures, sadness and happiness. On top of that, they’d even pray for me. This shall be the set of “friends” we MUST surround ourselves with.
  5. A thankful heart, this requires us to mastering our own emotions. Dapat we’d learn and know what to do, kapag nalulungkot tayo, or sobrang saya natin, kapag may problema or may blessing tayo. We must know. We must be thankful to the one source of our lives. As 1 Thessalonians 5:18 says: “give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

The only secret to life is a life full of love from the Lord. A life completely surrendered to Him, while appreciating whatever course He takes you and me.


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