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In a relationship, be it a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship or marriage, there will always come a time when you are going to ask yourself this: “Am I still really happy or am I just forcing myself to feel and look happy?”

Relationships require a great deal of work. You’ll realize this once you’re over the courtship/honeymoon stage. We don’t just bank on how we “feel” about our significant other. It is more than saying “I love you” every single time; you should mean it. It is more than saying “I’m sorry for hurting you”; it is the decision to change your ways to no longer cause pain. It is more than just dreaming together; it is taking action in making your dreams come true. It is more than just having sex; it is taking time to always be intimate with your partner. It is more than the photos that you take to post on Instagram & Facebook; it is cherishing and living each moment you spend together, building memories you can always look back to.  It is not just asking permission to do certain things so that your partner won’t get mad; it is about respect and trust.

Think about these things. Being in a relationship is about having courage in facing challenges together head on. It is arguing about the most petty things but ending the argument with a meaningful hug and kiss. It is when you feel most comfortable being just your lousy self when your significant other is around and you know  that you won’t be judged. It is not taking your significant other’s thoughts negatively but appreciating his honesty. It is being genuinely happy and taking pride in celebrating each other’s success. It is always rooting for your significant other because you truly believe in him. It is being each other’s bestest friend. It is appreciating each other. It is pursuing each other. It is about the faith that you have in each other, especially the same faith that you keep in Him. Most importantly, it is always deciding to choose each other every single day – no matter what.

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Yes, being in a romantic relationship is not a breezy walk in the park. There would be a lot of instances where you’ll find yourself wanting to just back off for a whole lot of different reasons. But I tell you this – take time to breathe. Let us not expect to have a perfect partner. We are not perfect ourselves. Leave room for mistakes because that’s how you both will be able to learn and mature together. Talk about it. Be receptive. Look back to the reason/s why you have each other in the first place. And go back to choosing each other every single time because it is worth it.

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