I want to go back


I used to smile at every thing that I do
It excites me to do something new
I wish I could go back
The day I first fell in love
Fell deeply in love with what I do
The first song that I produced
Made my heart satisfied
The first painting that I made
Gave me hope that one day I’ll be great
The first video I edited
I thought I’ll be a film maker
The first story I wrote
Made me think I’ll be a director
The first cake I baked
Made me want to start a business
The first movie I watched
Made me dream of becoming an artist
But now, it’s gone
I’m not happy anymore
Not like I used to
The fire that is burning in my heart
It’s slowly running out
My fuel is nearly gone
Everyday is becoming a struggle
It’s crushing my spirit
It’s piercing my soul
Deeper than I could ever imagine
The emptiness
It’s killing me
Over and over
I don’t know what to do
My excitement is fading
Little by little
Everything is changing
It’s getting harder
I thought pursuing what you love
Would make everything easier
But what is happening to me
My heart is dying
My passion is dying

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