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The stars are waiting for you. The moon, the Milky Way, the Northern Lights, and even the sun waits for you every day hoping that you’d watch them up in the sky, wanting to hear you whisper your dreams aloud. You think that no one cares about you but what if the love of your life hasn’t met you yet and the Universe just awaits in conspiring to make it happen?

The oceans and mountains need your presence. You see, nobody knows why they were created in the first place but I believe it’s because of you— to remind you of your depth, beauty, secrets, and wonder. They roar the Creator’s greatness and they also cry in silence like you. What if you were meant to witness them? They must have been yearning for you for billions of years.

Your purpose in life is a question you need to find an answer for. Maybe you have always felt that your existence didn’t matter to the world or the lives of others. Eight billion hearts beat as of the moment and yours is just one. But didn’t you realize though that you were born out of love? Didn’t you know that one person like you could actually bring hope and light to everything and it can only happen if you stay strong?

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You are made of stardust and pieces of space debris formed into an intelligent being that has a mind, heart, and soul. You are made of art, unfinished songs, and spoken poetries combusted into a human body. You are not made of excuses, apologies, mistakes, and false promises. You are worth more than anything in this entire planet.

There are children and animals out there who need your help. If you stay alive, you can be the reason for another little boy’s dream or a precious cat’s home. They are clinging on to you and I hope you don’t give up on them. You are the reason for their future and you matter.

This place we live in has so many wars, negativity, evilness, and so much hatred. You, on the other hand, compel light and positivity. You have experienced so much and yet here you are standing on what you believe in. You could be an advocate of many things. You could be a soldier to win lost souls. You could be anything that this world lacks of.

You were left with many bruises and scars from the battlefield against yourself and you made it through those lonely nights where your demons tried to take over. You’ve become a warrior– one that will never stop waging wars and one that will always live like it’s their only chance to survive. I know you have so many questions in mind and maybe you’re still not convinced by these words but darling, you were born to dream. You are here to find out why;

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