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Dear self,

I never imagined you going this far and it’s been years since you last begged for yourself in front of the mirror to stay alive and be strong. You have been brutally damaged then lost yourself when you tried to love the world. Right now, I want you to know that I forgive you for being so cruel to yourself that you have forgotten how important self love is. I forgive you for all those nights when your demons tried to take over and you started blaming yourself for being alive. I forgive you for leaving those suicide letters on your mom’s table which had been a habit for six years. I forgive you for giving yourself away just to fill other people’s emptiness. And I forgive you for isolating yourself from everyone else who cared because you were so scared of being left alone and you thought it’d be better to shut them out.

You have been fighting for so long and I admire you for that.

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Thank you for going back to where you came from after you tried to change who you really are just to fit in with those who didn’t understand. I’m so happy you’re still here being a light to the world and don’t you forget your promises and dreams. I am so proud of you, self, for holding on and being so kind to those who don’t even deserve it. You are someone’s hope and you are loved. We are almost done winning this war, I promise you that.

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