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Paano mo masasabing infatuated ka vs in-love ka? Baka naman kasi nag-fluctuate lang yung dopamine mo.

  1. YOU ARE DRUNK OF DOPAMINE. Serial daters are dopamine addicts. They date for about six months, enjoy the euphoric experience that a new relationship brings, and then break up when real life begins and infatuation ends. Infatuation is intense but short-lived.
  2. Infatuation is being in love with the idea of someone. Love is being in love with who the person really is.
  3. Di ka na nag-iisip. You’re irrational. infatuation makes you act irrationally or ‘crazy.’ When you compare the effects of drunkenness to those of infatuation, you find a lot of similarities. So, next time you find yourself doing something absolutely nuts in the name of love, just remember: it’s a bit like being drunk on emotions. Your judgment might be a little cloudy, but hey, at least it makes for some great stories! Just try not to make any life-altering decisions.
  4. Infatuation happens instantly. Love is a slow process. Hey, healthy relationship takes time. Wag madaliin. Hinogin mo sa panalangin.
  5. Puyat ka lagi at wala kang personal boundaries. You’re not taking care of yourself. Infatuation can be self-destructive. Infatuation makes you forget you have a life. Infatuation craves physical affection. Love craves a deeper connection. Love respects boundaries.
  6. CHU-ka! You’re confused, hanging, and uncertain. Infatuation keeps you guessing. It plays with your emotions. Love seeks clarity.
  7. Possessiveness parang may titulo ka ha. Infatuation brings out obsession and jealousy. Infatuation has unrealistic expectations. Love has realistic standards. Love builds TRUST. Dami mong demand di ka naman jowa.

It’s important to remember to have an anchor.

Your perception of God might be undervalued, and in this undervaluation, the throne of your heart might be occupied by something or someone incapable of fulfilling the deep yearnings of your soul. This scenario often unfolds when infatuation takes the forefront, overshadowing your spiritual connection and understanding of REAL LOVE.

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