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You are the woman who always stands up straight

You talk like an army’s gun

Your words are always forward and straight

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And these words are like a spear meant to anyone’s heart to pierce.

At first, all we think is that you’re a monster always ready to devour every single thing that stand in your way.

Then, we are right.

You are indeed a monster

No one can stop you from doing terrible things you have already planned.

You are heartless,

You are inevitable,

You have no concern,

Your arms are always close,

And your shoulders and eyebrows are always intimidating.

You don’t know how to reach people’s heart,

You don’t know to understand others,

You are inconsiderate,

You don’t know how to be a friend,

You don’t even know how to touch one’s hand.

But as the time goes by, all that we witnessed were the exact opposite of yours.

Your size might be as the size of a real monster,

But we feel no trace of a monster.

Your heart is so tender and kind,

You’re always compassionate,

Your emotion is shallow,

You always understand

Your arms are always open, ready and willing to help

Your shoulders are always down and low,

And it really displays your humble heart.

Though your eyebrows are always on fleek and intimidating,

It judges no one.

You always connect to one’s heart

And your eyes seems have pails of water to pour when you cry

You are always anyone’s best friend, sister, mentor, leader, and a mother.

You’re a mother of four, yes, this is true. And the other reality that no one can bend is that, no matter where the Lord leads you to go, you are indeed a woman who never been a childless.

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