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The world is harsh and dark if you focus on what’s happening closely
A pool of persecution and human judgment, that can lead one into anxiety
If you’re not cautious, you can be trapped  in the majority of people’s world view
As you stare at yourself in the mirror, you can’t recognize the person you once knew

Putting your principles into a recycle bin in the back of your head
Confused with reality, you’ll find yourself crying while lying on your bed
Shame, guilt, fear, and hopelessness filled your state of mind
It’s as if you can’t see your meaning in life no matter where you find

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Bothered and disturbed by your conscience makes you feel uneasy
You’re looking for a way out, an exit door, and enter a place of tranquility
Peace, freedom, and joy in your heart is what you actually want
Along with acceptance and encouragement from a trusted confidant

A sanctuary, a safe place, truth lies before your very eyes
As you find your true purpose and a bright future you can visualize
You’ve decided to open a book that you’ve never even read before
A book so holy, a mere decoration for some, something you’ve just ignore

You’ve read stories about miracles, men of great faith, even a selfless sacrifice
So that we can attain righteousness, our Messiah had paid a price
Three days after, the tomb is empty so that you don’t have to be
What a beautiful expression of love from Jesus, anyone can agree

The sins you’ve done are already redeemed as He made you whole
Constantly forgiving, He loves you without conditions and knows your soul
Whatever you’ve done in the past, you now have been set free
In which you remain in Him, from a seed hoping you’ll grow into a tree

You look at the Lord with a heart burning with passion
Along with a dedicated mind, and being careful in every action
There’s a feeling inside you that you can’t  contain deeply
You’ve become the salt and light for the people to see

Overwhelmed with joy and a spiral of emotions that you can’t fathom
As you seek the Lord daily, fixing your eyes on Him with enthusiasm
You’ve come to understand joy and patience amidst trials unlike before
Witnessing how you’ve change into better, you’ll fall in love with Him even more

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