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Sometimes, I wonder. Is there really someone out there who is also waiting for me? Does he know that I exist? Is there really someone who is meant for me?

Then I realized. Yes. Yes, there is. I know there is. Maybe I am not destined to meet him yet. But I know, in time, our roads will cross and when it happens, we’ll both be ready. Ready to be with each other. Ready to face the world together. And ready to accept each others flaws and take risks together.

One thing we should keep in mind is that, love takes time. Love shouldn’t be rushed and we shouldn’t hurry. Take things slowly, one step at a time. Prepare yourself while waiting for the right person. For now, try to enjoy the life that you have. Learn to appreciate the little things. Always be grateful and never forget to thank Him for each and everyday that He has given you. ❣️

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