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Please Don’t

Please don’t give me false hopes. False hopes that you feel the same way too.

I know it’s wrong for me to assume and all but you cannot blame me for thinking that way.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

With the way we talk with each other, with the way you treat me. Or maybe you are just extra caring, not just to me but to your other friends too.

But why? Why am I feeling a different feeling? People tell me I should stop. I even try to tell myself to stop. But there is this little voice in my head telling me that maybe you do really feel the same way.

Is it wrong? Is it really wrong for me to keep on hoping? Maybe it is. Because I don’t really know how you feel towards me. But I really wanna know. Everyday, I keep on asking myself, thinking, do you like me too?

I admit, I do like you. Maybe even more than like. Almost love. I think. It’s as if my day is not complete without a glimpse of you. You put a smile on my face everytime I see a notification from you. Even with your simplest and corniest jokes, I laugh so loud.

Not being able to talk to you even just for a day makes me miss you. Everytime my phone rings, I always wish it is from you. Hoping that you miss me too as much as I miss you.

It may sound a little selfish but I really wish you would love me too. I hope you could see how much I love you, how much I want to be with you. But I know it is wrong. It isn’t right. I should never force you to like me too.

Don’t worry. Don’t feel sorry. I have already instilled in my mind and in my heart that there are really some things (people) we want but we cannot have. And it’s okay. It is okay. I am okay. As long as I see you happy, even if I am not the reason behind your happiness. Seeing you happy, makes me happy too. Because your happiness is my happiness.

I just have one wish though. Please don’t change. Please stay the same. Until then, I will also continue to love you. Even from afar. Let me continue to love you, for my heart won’t get tired of loving you. Because you are my almost. The love that I almost had but will never have. 💔

-Inday Garutay ♥️

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