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It’s been ages since I last felt this kind of remorse and solitude
Familiarity breeds contempt causing this alarming change of mood
It’s as if I’ve been stabbed in the heart by a thousand knives
I can no longer trust people this much since some are masked with a conniving disguise

Thoughts of disdain and impurity hidden behind those beguiling and innocent faces
Treacherous paths that I’ve crossed seems like walking in a road of shattered glass pieces
A long passageway of yellow bricks and a dark forest with creatures unknown to everybody …
Deciding where to enter is not an easy task that one could choose and determine so quickly

Pain that demanded to be felt appear to be a facade of indifference
There is no doubt a mixture of unsettling emotions which lowers self-confidence
A numerous amount of “what if’s ” filled my thoughts as tears were about to fall
Thinking of positive things might do the trick but my emotions, I couldn’t control

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Meandering along this unlikely road where I have no idea what direction should I take
A sweet escape from reality and being lost among a crowd of strangers for my sake
A puddle of tears were created along a chain of broken promises
An illusion of forever was made causing grave pain and distress

Fake smiles along with forced laughter fell upon my face while my heart felt so heavy
A glance from my past made me cringe with disgust as I go along this journey
I’m much different now compared to before and I hate this version of me
I wanted to scream, I wanted to cry but it’s as if no voice was coming out suddenly

I’ve became this weak and emotional creature that I strongly despise
Looking at my reflection in the mirror with a face that I can no longer recognize
And so I went to a place far away but my heart still dwell with bittersweet memories
Leaving all the things behind to my past and away from controversies

As I stood before a breathtaking scenery before my ebony eyes,
A diversion was created and suddenly, I don’t care anymore about the lies
A new perspective was born and I hope for things that could fill me with glee
Trusting our Creator was the only key and seeing our lives positively.

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