Kuya Kalbs!,


The 30 Yr old version of you is so stubborn, you often ignore crossing the right lane. And so, is the 22 Yr old version of me, I can’t find the courage to distant from you.


Silly talks, funny convo’s, random banter, tagos to the bones bully jokes, heart-felt coffee talks, endless goodnights from our 3am dms, cheesy corny hokage moves ‘n flirty lines – the list seems to be endless. I like how you make me see my worth.

You’re my kuya kalbs, my personal driver, the 1st person to support my black coffee preferences, and most especially my blessing. I think you’re a good person to keep around. So, I’d rather ignore all the bullshit misjudgement from everyone. Simply because I know, your worth it.


The memories we shared are so precious to me, it sends me sudden pain to think I’m being selfish for enjoying your presence at the same time ignoring the fact that she will be upset to know all of this.



So when you told me, that we can’t be closed as we are; it breaks my heart. (Tbh, had my whole Sunday sobbing about what happened that “night”)


We promised each other to not take any nonsense reason in changing our “manghod kuya bond”. but you fixing your relationship with her is the most valid reason there is to say. you had her, before we crossed paths. Your manghod truly care and love you, so I’m wishing you the best.


Reality is – I’m just your encoder at first turned out to be closed friend and eventually grows to be your “manghod”.

And she…

She is your WIFE.


She will always be the right and the best for you, my kuya kalbs…


With much love,

Manghod x.