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She may not be perfect, she has a lot flaws, she made mistakes in the past, but she loves you morethan you know. She will do everything for you. She may give you headache at some time but trust me shes doing her best for you both to work out.

She may be fragile due to past experiences, paranoid due to past disappointments and insecure due to some circumstances but she’s loving you the way she can. Just please bare with her sometime.

She has a lot of “what ifs” when you knock on her door but she chose to let you in. She still chose you to be part of her world despite of many doubts in everything.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

She loves you. She really do. Morethan words that she can say, morethan actions that she can do and morethan you’ll ever know.

And she’s not expecting for the same affection in return. Sana lang wag ka magbago. Just love her the way you do and the way you can.

Thats how you mean to her.

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