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Certain doubts still fill my head
Thinking if your love is true and untilted
I like you so much, that you’re all I ever wanted
I like you so much that I’m so afraid to take it
I don’t want to fall for you
Just for the reason that I feel blue
Just for the thought that everyone is marrying around you
Just for the fear to be left behind
Just to have someone to unwind
I want to fall in love with the person alone
Without any other reason
Without any other doubt
Without any other fear
For if we’re just pressured by these thoughts,
Then our capability to love wouldn’t be so great
I like you so much that I want to be your favorite person
I want to be the one who kisses you goodbye every time we part
I want to be the one who hugs you when you do something great or when you feel down at times
I want to be the one who pushes you to go the extra mile
I want to be someone who supports you with your dreams and only wants you to be the best version of yourself
I want to be someone you can count in at the end of the day and talk about what you were up to
I want to be the one who sings you lullabies till you fall asleep
I want to be the girl who can stand with your pagka-suplado
I want to be someone who accepts you for who you are and would love you no matter what
But I am just a mess at this moment
And I need to love myself first
Before I do these to someone else
I’ve been in a series of relationships and this is what I learned
Love is not just a feeling
It is a commitment
And then I realized that I couldn’t take a risk. Again.
Coz this time, I have to grow alone.

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