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A letter to the guy who wanted to pursue me, to whom I said “no”…


Please understand that it’s not you. It’s God.

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I want to obey Him this time. I don’t want to be led anymore by my feelings.

As much as I wanted to entertain you, I needed not to give you a “yes”.

I am not ready, yet.

I still need time to be healed completely from my previous failed relationship.

I’ve just started bringing the broken pieces of my heart at Jesus’ feet.

I don’t want to bring the baggage of my past to my next relationship.

I don’t want to hurt you. I don’t want to jump into another romantic relationship and expect you to heal my heart.

It’s Jesus who can bring healing and can make me whole again.

I want to pursue Him. I want to be in love with Him who makes me complete.

I need to grasp and experience Christ’s love deeply, not superficially, so I could understand what it’s really like to love unconditionally, not just superficially.

I need to grow as a single woman. I need an undivided heart to focus on God.

Don’t get me wrong. I know I still can grow whether I am in a relationship or not.

But I want to make the most out of this season of mine being single.

IT’S GOD. It’s Him that I want to love first with all my heart, soul, mind and strength.

But please understand that my “no” is not a rejection, but rather, a redirection from God.

I pray that you pursue Christ, know Him more, and love Him more.

I pray that you would grow and become what God wants you to be.

Again, it’s not you. It’s God.


P.S. You have been a good friend. Thank you!

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