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Heartbreak nowadays becomes easier to tell no matter how much a person hides it. It is quiet, yet it speaks so loud.

It’s about waiting for hours for them to respond on your messages. It is when they can’t put off their phone down when you are together. It is when their attention is somewhere else. You know for yourself that you feel the coldness, the distance. It’s about staring on your phone waiting for that notification telling you’ve got a call. It’s seeing them all across their social media and yet they don’t have that time to send any messages but there you are still waiting for them to at least recognize you. It is about scrolling on their newsfeed and ignoring the fact that you are there, waiting.

Heartbreak nowadays can’t be kept as a secret under your sleeves. It isn’t something you can shrug your shoulders off and hide within your inner self. Heartbreak nowadays is being asked why did you changed your profile picture together, it is being messaged when you change your relationship status, when you deleted all your photos together, when you no longer post things about your significant other. It is telling your mutual friends why you are not able to join such overnights and get-togethers because they are there. Heartbreak nowadays has a need for explanation because everyone sees it. Everyone can notice it. Everyone knows it.

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The hardest thing about heartbreak nowadays is having to convince yourself that being left alone is not a definition of who you are and what is your worth all along. It is the fact that we are living in a society where we are dominated by alternatives, that everyone can leave at any moment for what can be the next big thing, that everyone can easily slip away just when they want to. Because of this heartbreak, you tend to put the best masks on your face so that no one will see you as fragile as possible, no one can ever tell you that the sufferings are so much painful and no one can feel that you are putting so much pretensions in your emotions.

Because of this heartbreak, you tend to put the best masks on your face so that no one will see you as fragile as possible

Heartbreak nowadays is everywhere. It makes you think of how can you be more or less, how can you be enough, how can you be the one and how you will be able to let them say that their search is finally over. You are left with thoughts of how to finally let go of what’s not yours. Yes, everyone needs a place but it shouldn’t always be inside the heart of someone else, always.

Everyone is breakable but not everyone is aware that it is a choice to stay broken.

But I know you’ll get through it.

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