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“All this time you left me hanging…
I can’t love you anymore.” I know this is hard. I may not even succeed. But there’s no other way. If I let you in again, It will all just be repeated. Our cycle. But if I stop having feelings for you, I would be free. I would be able to find that new love. One who will not leave me. And even though your reason is understandable, we are too different right now. The similarities we once had between us are disappearing and it’s becoming more obvious to see that we are indeed having a lot of differences. On top of those is our religion. Then our parents. I know you love me. And believe me when I say I still do love you. But holding on to that belief will only hurt us more. So for this day onwards, I am accepting the fact that we need to move on with our lives without each other and start to really believe that there are other fishes in the sea.

There’s still that other thought though, I can’t deny it. That maybe, just maybe, one day in the future, we’d meet again. And those feelings will come rushing back. But at that time, everything will be better unlike if we continue what we have now. Maybe we just need to separate ways to be better people so that when we meet again, there’ll be no more hindrances. No more problems. And then we can at last have our happily ever after. Or not.

One thing is sure, whether you are really the one for me or not, as long as I live my life like I want it to, like I’m meant to, everything is going to be okay.

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