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It all started when I supported you with your art, music.
Everybody loves Music. Music brings people together as they say.
and that’s where it all started.

I Love Music in the sense that it gives me peace.
and you play the music for people to be entertained.
Because of you, I fell in love more deeply with music.
and just like music, I fell in love more deeply with you.
Everytime you come and talk to me, I just fell in love with your personality.
How do you maintain your calmness amidst our playful personality where sometimes it can be overbearing?
The more I was always there by your side, the more I admire not only your talent but who you truly are.
My Friends do not like how I am making so much effort for you.
and you know what?
It hurts me to hear mean words towards you from my friends.

Your friends tease you about us, I fell deeper.
I fell without even realizing that you weren’t there to catch me.
I realised I was just a fan.
I realised I will never hear you say “I Love You” but rather “I Love You, Guys”
I guess I now get why my friends aren’t supportive of the efforts I do for you.
Regrets come running my mind with all those useless efforts.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Even though it is painful for me to think of the fact that I started as fan,
and that my FanGirl will not change to Your Girl,
I will always be grateful that I was one of the fans that you know and will always remember
I may start of as a fan, but will never stop supporting you despite the one sided love I have towards you,
I cannot promise that the pain and regret will be gone
but there is something I can promise you
I will stay and I will always be here to support you


The Fan who fell in love with you

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