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   ‘ La NBSB ka, bakit ?’ 

  ‘ Taas siguro ng standards mo no?’ 
  ‘ picky ka masyado … ‘ 
  ‘ masyado ka kasing mataray
  ‘ you need to flirt …’ 
    These are the things that I keep hearing every time people around me asked about my love life.
    I’m in my early 20’s and yes I am NBSB. I did not choose to be this way but circumstances did.
  ‘ La NBSB ka, Bakit?’ 
       Believe me when I say that I also asked myself about this. I even come to a point wherein I questioned about my preference. I have suitors, sure I have liked some of them and even cried when I said no. I can’t seem to be with them even though I liked them, I knew they are not the one.
‘Taas siguro ng standards mo no?’ 
        I am a believer of a fairytale and a perfect love story BUT I am not shallow to compare every man to the fictitious characters I have read. In liking someone there are no such things as standards because it just happens, no warnings, nothing.
masyado ka kasing mataray … ‘ 
       Now, this statement left me speechless because it may partly true. I am not in a sense as ‘MATARAY’, men should know that not all girls are talkative and I fall in the category wherein I don’t talk too often. I am not shy but I hate to talk sometimes. If they think I am boring, they are not worthy of my time.
‘you need to flirt … ‘ 
      Once my best friend told me that in getting a boyfriend I need to flirt so that they will know that I am interested in them, but heck why would I? Ladies we need to know our worth, if somebody is destined for us, let him come, you don’t need to force yourself to somebody and create confusion within yourself and cry afterward.
       Being single does not mean we are ugly and specifically, we are not a sucker for a perfect love story. We just haven’t met someone who would sweep us in our feet. I am not a fan of a relationship wherein  ‘ let’s try, we might work this out’ feels, there’s no certainty.

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