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For those who are in love, Valentine’s Day is the time of reflection. The time to reflect the beauty of relationship and the reasons why you love each other. However, if you find yourself alone this holiday, you probably see it in a different perspective. But just because you don’t have someone special doesn’t mean this day cannot be extraordinary.

Love is not about celebrating Valentine’s day. Love is about recognizing the value and worth of others in your life, love is about telling others how important they are and how much their existence makes your world go around. But most of the time we forgot telling ourselves these things too, that we too are valuable and important and that in the end makes us feel empty. So, if you feel like completely alone on this, little ways can make a big difference. Make this day a day to celebrate your own terms.

1. Treat yourself with that fancy coffee latte. Yes, nothing is more relaxing than sipping your favorite drink at the end of a tiring workday. When everyone around you seems like they have all plans set up, it’s never a waste of time to have a little walk by yourself while enjoying the city lights and street noises.

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2. Pamper yourself by getting a new haircut. Maybe it is now the right time to cut off some inch. Maybe it is now the perfect timing to have some change.

3. Enjoy the perks of promos, discounts and other items on sale at the mall. Of course, a lot of them are on every stall. Take advantage. Go buy that new pair of shoes or shirt that you are always looking at when you are passing by that boutique near your place. Tell yourself that you are worth the spending.

4. Put on those speakers on your room and play your daily dose of favorite songs. Whether it is those never-getting-old 90s boyband, LANY, The 1975, from those old love songs to upbeat rhythms, maximize the volume and sing your heart out.

5. Binge watch those left episodes on your Netflix downloads. Don’t let those episodes rest on your phone’s memory. Watch them together with your warm blanket and favorite pillow.

6. Take away from your favorite restaurant meal. If you do not want to add yourself up on those people who take tables for dining in, have yourself enjoy eating at home and satisfy the craving of a delightful meal after a long busy day.

7. Enjoy your bed and pajamas. Yes, the comfort of bed and pajamas says it all. Nothing ever beats the coziness of lying down on your bedroom and finally putting on those cozy clothes after the traffic jams you have been through.

8. Have a road trip with your single friends too. If you want to spend the night out, this is one of the best ideas you can plan for the entire day. Enjoying the love of friendship is one of the best things to acknowledge on this day.

9. Movie marathon with your siblings. Have some quality time with your little brothers and sisters. At least, you are not alone watching a movie at all.

10. Get that warm bubble bath. Owe your skin a treat and have that indulgence of taking your time and not rushing for anything at all.

11. Buy your parents something special. Do not forget that valentines are not just about significant others but also to the ones who love us from the beginning of our existence. So, buy your mom a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, and your dad a heart-shaped box of chocolates.

12. Go get a spa. Relax and lay down and let be stress-free for a moment. Leave the thoughts of those unfinished project at the office or the urgent report that you needed to submit for the week. Let your mind be unoccupied with anything else but only the thought of rewarding yourself.

13. Have a quality time with your kitchen. Cook something for your family or friends. It is not necessarily mean you have to prepare a lot. A simple pasta or sweet dessert will do.

14. Send those you love a text message. Remind the ones you value that you are blessed to have them in your life. Send those hearts and hugs to those who value your presence and loves you for your entire being. Thank them for all the genuine care, concern and little acts of kindness that you have received without anything in return.

15. Remind yourself about self-love. You may feel like you’re the only one without a partner, there are many others in the same situation as you. Let it not be the measurement of who you are as a person. Let yourself be reminded that love can be in different forms, in different ways given by those people who surround you.

Remember that this day isn’t just about romantic relationships. It is not all about the significant better half. It is about the love we are giving away to people we cherish dearly and treasure for the rest of our lives.

So never forget to cheer up because of the reality that love can be in different ways, different forms given to us by the people who surround us. So, who wouldn’t want to celebrate that?

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