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Love is patient.

Love must wait, and love will wait;

No matter how long, for love knows that it’s been a long day,

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And yet love still made its way.

Love may sometimes be late, but when you see it smile, you’ll know it’s worth the wait.


Love is kind.

Love holds the door when you arrive,

listens to your jokes no matter how much it sucks,

Love watches rom-coms and marvel movies with you,

But when love doesn’t, Love also understands;


because love never envies.

Love knows you still have work to do.

Love respects your personal space, especially when it’s most needed,

Feel free ,Dear, Because Love understands.


Love does not parade itself and is not puffed up.

Love doesn’t need to be always posted on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Sometimes, love just wanted you to be happy.

Love does not require likes, reactions or comments.

Love only desires you.


Love does not behave rudely.

Love thinks before speaking

and love also listens and understands,

but when it didn’t , Love says Sorry; and hope you will forgive.


Love does not seek its own.

Love always considers the welfare of the other half.

Love asks questions and love also answers.

And when you are confused, love reassures.


Love is not provoked and thinks no evil.

Love embraces intimacy but puts no place for perversion.

Love keeps itself holy and pure.


Love does not rejoice in iniquity, but it rejoices with the truth;

And when necessary, love corrects, even if it hurts.

But always know, love does not wish harm to be upon you.

Love also praises you when you did good. Love encourages in public, and love corrects in private.


Love bears all things;

every flaws, insecurities and mistakes you had along the way.


Love believes all things;

It believes that you can do all things through Him who gives you strength.

Love also prays for you every night, believing that you will be perfected by the God who loved us first.


Love hopes all things.

It does not look at what you were;

Love looks forward to what you can be, No matter how impossible it may seem.


Love endures all things;

Every missed calls and late replies,

even mood swings and those little arguments we have.

Love maybe beaten down but it will always stand up.


Love never fails;

Yet love still makes mistakes.

But love keeps no record of wrongs and covers up a multitude of sins.


And at the end of the day, love may not be perfect but love will always try its best.

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