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It was there. Almost.

The words were promising.

Music to her ears.

Convincing in a way.

She almost fell for it.

Late night talks and serenades.

Those sweet smiles and cheesy lines.

It was there.

She almost fell for it.

The plans and promises.

As if the future is in his hands.

Couldn’t be any clearer.

She almost fell for it.

Seemed like something grew into everything.


The words were there. Cards on the table.

You had your reasons.

And she had hers, too.

You gave her this but she wanted that.

You told her this but she wanted it done.

You called her nth times but she wanted you beside her.

You missed her but she wanted you to hug her.

You promised her something but she never asked you to.

And so she had her reasons.

Reasons why she had to let go.

Reasons why she had to forget.

Why she had to unlove you.

Why she had to not expect.

Why she had to take it all to herself and leave while it was just almost there.

Leave before it gets messy.

Before it gets harder and not wanting to leave anymore.

But she had to.

Truth be told, they both cared

Feelings were there but she was scared

How can it be so difficult to prove

You talk so sweet but you never make a move.

And now is goodbye to everything that’s been sweet for a little while.

Now is the time to leave those memories behind.

So tell me, how can this story be so sad

How can one miss what she has never had?

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