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To the one who used to have my back, the one who used to cheer me up, I’ve got nothing to say but thank you.

You know I always want you to be happy thats why I’ll let you go to whomever you’re happy with.

Letting you go was never easy but if its God’s Will I’ll glady do it.

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Thanks for the heartbreak which taught me that not every relationship is destined to be forever.

Thanks for the time we used to spend together. All those sleepless nights thinking about the future and stuff. I still hope and will be happy if you still pursue and reach those dreams even if I’m not included in it anymore.

Thanks for the effort and all that we did for each other whenever there is a special occasion or just one of our whims.

I never regret the day I met you, the day I Chase you, the day you caught me. That day I saw my definition of a woman; family oriented, kind,  Sweet and most of all God-fearing. I don’t know why but destiny can be so playful yet painful at the same time but all I know is if it’s God’s will, it is for our own good.

Thank you for being the plot twist and being a fragment of my memory.

And most of all, Thank you for the lesson you engraved in my heart. Not every one is our company for a life time, some are just companions towards the one who we are destined to be with.

To the man who was destined to be your partner, Please take good care of her. Be God’s Channel of love towards her and make her feel blessed of having you like how I felt when I had her. Until then I wish you all the best and God bless.

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