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“An Interview with God”

What would I ask? I’m not really sure about what to ask on Him. I’m just afraid knowing He will never tell me a single lie. I’m just afraid to know that His answers might change the way I choose to live. I’m too afraid to know the truth of my existence. I’m too afraid to know my scarcity in faith, my belongings to evil doings.

What would I ask? I’ve been uncertain all my life and hesitant to know on what will be the best question to ask if I’ll be given one chance to do so. All my life, I’ve been asking so many questions but received no answers from Him. He might be silent or doing the right thing being silent just for me to learn not to ask any questions. I might just ask the wrong question and rather He’ll still answer me with the right one.

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What would I ask? For me to be given a chance to interview God. First, I would like to ask if I have the rights to even put a single word on my mouth in front of Him. If He allows me, then, I’ll ask Him to feed me with parables for me not to feel the pain of being evil. I know, I can’t show no secret about my inner demons and still wants nothing but His honesty.

What would I ask? Still muted and finally categorized my thoughts about on how this question probably might create a hammock inside my head. If I ask a certain question, I might feed my soul with nonsense expectations of Him being so true to me.

An interview with God is such a blessing. Sitting beside Him will be my biggest weakness for I know that I might spill some of tears telling Him that I’m tired being hopeless. To hold His hand might be the last thing I would love to do knowing treasures on earth will never be my true passes to enter His kingdom.

What would I ask?

“I will not bother to ask Him anyway. He knows what I’m gonna ask.”


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