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No one can stop me for having a feeling to you. In your simple gesture and characteristic it means a lot to me because of those you make me feel respected and protected that I never had in my entire life. You defend me to others I feel safe every time I’m with you, but I know that is your normal treatment for a friend. I’m just your friend who’s contented secretly admiring you from afar and don’t know how to give up, A friend who’s willing to wait and to take risks for loving someone like you that never feel the same. I know I am wicked in trying, but believe me it will never be tiring, my love for you will always be everlasting. Loving you is a different feeling spending my time thinking and daydreaming is new that I never felt this before. And finding myself praying for the man that I love from afar to guide and protect always is not my thing. It might sound crazy right? But I never lose hope that maybe someday you see me like how I see you, your my Sol and nothings compares to you. Please be safe always may god guide you always whenever you are I’m contented secretly admiring and support you from afar.

-Luna (ES) will forever chase Sol (MV)

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