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In this world full of pain and doubts, know that you have a treasure.

A treasure I have found but wasn’t mine to keep.

A treasure who has sailed for a long time, and now yours to keep.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

He can build you a castle, but please build a home for him.

He can treat you like a Queen, but please treat him like a King.

He can give you all the treasures that he got because he loved too much, but please give him the love as deep as the ocean.

He can be a knight to shield you away from any threat, but please do the same and be willing to die for him in a war.

He had already fought too many battles.

He had been deeply wounded that made his heart bleeding.

And if he finally finds you, please take care of him.

He had enough, so please don’t be an arrow that will just stab him in the end.

Please be there and never leave him.

There will be times he will be hard to understand, but please don’t give up on him.

He might push you away one day, but please hold on to him.

He needs someone who won’t let go no matter how hard the situation may be.

He’s not perfect, and neither are you.

He can be too much to handle at times, but please be a warrior to fight for him.

Please don’t love him for his crown, because he’d be willing to give up the throne for you

Please don’t love him for his riches, because he’d be willing to go broke for you

Please don’t love him for what he has, but love him for what he truly is

All these things I can do for him, but I can’t.

Now that you can, please don’t waste your chance.

Love him for who he is.

He’s more than worth the wonders of the world.

He’s more than all the riches of the world.

Please don’t hurt him..

Or I will do everything to push him away from you.

Please don’t break him..

Or else you don’t deserve him

Please don’t find someone better..

Because he’s already the best thing you’ll ever have

…and he’s the best thing I never had.

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