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You lost her when she noticed that the tone of your voice changed. You lost her when she felt like there’s a cold breeze every time you talk. The way you look at her like before faded away. The way you smile every time you see her vanished in the wind. You lost her when you made her feel unimportant. You lost her when she started questioning if this is really what she deserves. You lost her when she started crying after being ignored by you. She missed the days when you used to talk all day about anything, any random thing. She missed the feeling of being in cloud nine after you first met and the electrocuting feeling when your hands touched. But all those things were left as a memory. A heartbreaking memory.


You lost her when you chose the other girl. You chose her because she’s more convenient to flirt with, isn’t she? Were you pressured by your friends after being teased that the both of you looks cute together? Are her ways, a lot different and fascinating? You lost her when you disregarded her feelings and put more importance unto yours. You lost her when you stopped talking to her as if she’s the only girl you see. You made her see how clear your choice was – and it wasn’t her.

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You lost her over the girl you just met. You lost the girl you really like over the girl you just like because it’s more convenient to you. She was hurt, she was devastated. She cried but now she’s found the strength to stand back up. She got the courage to try again. She has moved on. She found a new guy and feels a lot happier than she was with you. She felt the importance she sought from you that she never received. She doesn’t question her worth anymore because she feels at ease that this time, she’s doing it right and every thing is doing so well. She realized how much of a jerk you are by watching her cry.


She gained back the smile she thought she lost when you left. She can now call herself fine and happy. She’s finally genuinely happy. She’s now slowly forgetting about you. She now has the courage to face you and the girl you chose over her. She learned her lesson. But after knowing that a new guy is making her smile, you’re crawling back. You’re slowly trying to come back into her life. Maybe you realized who you really like but it’s now too late. You realized that you’re really going to lose her. If only you made her feel loved and important. If only you made her happy. If only you stayed loyal. If only you took the chance and did not wait for that fucking perfect timing you always say.


You lost the girl willing to give you all her love. You lost the girl willing to give you the world. You lost the girl willing to hold your hand for better or for worse. You lost the chance. She will never go back to the same person who broke her. She will never choose the guy who cheated on her over the guy she has now that’s way better than you are. You gave her a lesson she will always remember: never settle for someone who’s unsure of you. Things have completely turned 360 degrees. It’s all too late now, honey. You already lost her.

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