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Have you forgotten who you were? Has he changed you so much you don’t remember your favorite music? Movie? Your favorite perfume before he bought you his favorite? Do you remember the way you did your hair before he told you how he likes it? Your clothes? Your hobbies? YOU? I sure did!
I am trying to be me again. It’s learning from the beginning how to be ME AGAIN, that it’s ok to like the music I use to LOVE, it’s ok to have my hair down , it’s ok to sit on the couch all day doing nothing, it’s ok to look or feel imperfect. It’s ok to eat noodles from the pot, or a toast and be happy about it. It’s Ok to sleep in a bit, it’s Ok to watch what you want to watch, it’s Ok to be sad or happy without hiding it, it’s Ok to be NORMAL. It’s Ok to choose your friends, it’s Ok to take a walk. All those things I forgot, relearning again how to live without a fear. Do you feel the same?

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