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Hi, beautiful one. How’s your heart today?
I guess you are getting better and better each day.
I just want to honor your life because you really did your best in loving someone by investing your effort and time. You gave your best shot and you fought hard till the last drop of your tear and strength just to save the love that you think would last. You were keeping that love too much without even knowing that you are already losing and breaking, but that’s okay. Nagmahal ka lang.

I sensed that there are so many painful thoughts in your head right now. Iniisip mo na “kulang pa ang ginawa ko”, ” dapat hindi ko ito ginawa”, “dapat ito yung ginawa ko”, “kung maibabalik ko lang”, “it’s my fault”, “if I just did what he wanted then he would have never fallen out of love and found someone who is better than me.”

I understand the pain that you are going through and the regrets that are still clinging on your mind. And I hear you.
But I’m also here to tell you that you’ve loved enough at hindi ka nagkulang. Things happen for a reason and it’s just because that kind of love is not what God meant for you. He doesn’t want you to go on with that relationship because it’s not worth fighting for and you are a woman who has a beautiful soul so you deserve a kind of love that is written by God.

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So I pray that you will be completely healed in Christ. And rest assured that someday, you will be loved by a man in a way that honors the Lord.

✍🏿 Claydine Llante

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