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Like a mushroom you pop up in my head

So unpredictable like the likelihood of a needle passing a thread

It gets my attention, the things that you do

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Can I notice less your existence too?


I do not want to reach the next stage

Future self how did you survive this page?

As long as I don’t see you, I am fine

In the midst of us I should draw a line


Like this, my normal self is not

How did I end up being a part of this plot?

My emotions are being stirred

Unexpectedly, for you I have always cheered


I’m being attracted, like metal to a magnet

The lamp you lit up in me must be unplugged from the socket

Acting like nothing’s really happening

Is better than dwelling in the feeling


Not pretending, this is

Because the way of preventing is like this

This thing that I’m going through I’m not really pleased

The only reason why I’m totally pissed


You have the strong ability to sense

Please do not feel my weakening defense

Sometimes I feel weird, sometimes I’m okay

This type of condition I cannot say


I am not requesting for your opinion

Yet writing about you, I decided to have an extension

I can’t find a remedy yet to this sickness

From you in advance I ask for forgiveness

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Spychologist discovered her interest in creating poems at the age of 11. Her fascination in using rhyming patterns to express feelings is what inspired her to keep writing. It is her desire that her works be a safe space for readers to just feel their feelings.