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Staying real in a world that is powered and controlled of Social Media isn’t easy at all. We seek for the feeling of belonging. We want to be on trend. We follow what many are doing. We live for likes. We measure our worth with the number of followers we have. We embrace the modernity of the world that we fake everything just to be happy.

We didn’t see how beautiful it is to be just our own self. Careless of what the society will say. We forget to live in the real world and just allow ourselves to stay in our fantasies.

Talk to yourself and ask that person in front of the mirror, “Where I am now? Who I am becoming?”. From there, you would know what exactly you want to happen in your life. You will see the real you, who are you the way God created you. It will not be easy, but you are real from the start, you just need to go back to who really you are before this world influence you to be somebody else.