You made me do this (again).

You made believe again to those butterflies that I thought died a long time ago inside me.

You made my heart beats so fast again that it was too strange for me then.

Yes, a strange feeling again.

You made me wonder about all the things around that could compare to you and write it as my love letters for you.

You made me ponder of metaphors and similes.

You made me a poet again.

Yes, I write again.

You made believe that I could find myself again in this situation–a sweet situation.

You made this heart flatters differently once more.

You made it.

Yes, Love, you made me do this again.

I thought I couldn’t find this feeling again.

I thought I couldn’t write the same again.

I thought I am just too unfortunate to find myself going back here.

I’ve been here, Love, but this time it’s different for it is you.