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To the beautiful and handsome single girls and boys,

Today, you are in the stage of life that you need to take ONE STEP AT A TIME. Do not hurry. Enjoy and savor every moment. Do not take the short cut route coz it will not lead you to the happy ending instead it will bring you to the road of suffering. Dont mind what other people will says if you are single. Dont feel discourage if no one is courting or liking you. Believe in yourself that you are handsome and beautiful and that you deserve the REAL and HONEST LOVE. The LOVE that leads to the PEACEFUL HAPPINESS. It really exist, just believe in your heart. Your heart will help you find the way. It will not settle until it is not right. If you found someone, do not settle right away. Just take ONE STEP AT A TIME. Observed his or her behavior when the relationship is in ups or down. Notice every detail of how he or she response to a certain situation. Once your partner showed negative and abusive behavior, by then, start learning to let go of that person. You dont deserved with that kind of person. Remember that you love yourself so much and you take care of your precious body, mind and soul for a long time, and yet you will ruined everything for a wrong partner.

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