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There are days or moments that you remember your past especially when you hear songs, or in other situations. You usually remember the people you shared those memories with, but did you know that you’re not really missing that person? It’s just the memories and the feelings that you had that time. You thought, reminiscing those things doesn’t affect you in the present or future but actually it is POSSIBLE. It also gives a BAD IMPACT to your relationship to those people in the present you are with . Especially if the feelings are coming back or still the same as the past. Sometimes you say to yourself “I’ve moved on, I’ve grown up” but when that moment is passing by you still repeat the cycle of your own that hurt you or break you inside, you start feeling numb, then you’re shocked again and unable to move on because you still have past unresolved issues inside of you. Try to figure it out (what’s the issue) . You need to guard your heart and cut it off. Changing your hair style, places, outfits won’t change anything BUT how you move forward in life and how you level up your character to move in your next season. You also need God’s discernment.solve it , Ask and seek him he will help you. May your emotions align with God’s promises to us. -Ezelijah ♥️

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