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Three months ago, or six months ago, or even a year ago, you were there thinking and contemplating things and you were trying to find your way out, trying to look back for what could possibly gone wrong, trying to win back the lost time. You thought you cannot stand any longer, not even anymore. You thought you cannot continue to exist because breathing the air feels like thorns in your chest tearing you in excruciating pain causing you to bleed, causing you to feel like all the things you put in hope has gone away. You thought you cannot survive anymore – but here you are, you did.

You chose to live. You chose to wake up and clean the mess of your thoughts, your confusion. You chose not to drown yourself in the ocean of sadness and emptiness. You chose not to look back and close your eyes to all the glimpse of the past. You chose not to stay and walk away from the things and people who no longer inspires you. You chose to give it away and move forward. You chose to give yourself another try, another chance and another brand new day. You chose to see life with a brand new sunrise and you chose to hold on to whatever light that comes along your way. You chose to believe that the goodness still exists somewhere else.

Our hearts break in different ways, by different people who pretends to love us differently. Many have said that it doesn’t get better, but you get better in thriving and coping. Life will consist mostly of letting go of the things you wanted, so learn to let go if you needed to. Perhaps, we really can’t expect something unreal to last anyway no matter how much we don’t want to lose it. Our hearts will break, will bend, will worn out to pieces, will be scattered but what’s left amazing is that it continues to love regardless, despite and in spite of.

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But no matter how hard you went through, here you are bravely choosing to fight for the uncertainties of life. You are boldly facing the things you thought you couldn’t last without and you’ll be able to know yourself better in the process. Self discovery isn’t easy, it is not comfortable, it is not entertaining most of the time. You’ll endure a lot of pain, you’ll bear a lot of heaviness within, and you’ll carry pieces of yourself altogether. But at the end of the day, knowing your strength within is a self-breakthrough, and it is really amazing.

So whatever it is that you are struggling here right now, know you’ve been there. You’ve surpassed it already and you’ll be able to make it just as how you overcome things before. The weight of your emotions right now will never break you. Keep in mind that your heart is strong and it will never get tired of putting itself back into whole. Believe that your heart can make it and it will beat again as if it is never been torn apart, as if it never been broken.

Your heart believes in you and so should you.


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