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Don’t stir up her heart if you can’t give the clarity she needs.

Man, don’t confuse her just because you’re not yet ready to tell.

Don’t make yourself always available when you discovered that she’s not okay. It simply makes her feel so special.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Don’t give too much effort to make her smile again. The little things, they mean everything to her.

Don’t be too caring when you are with her, it makes her feel that she has all your attention.

Don’t stare at her when she eats, as if she’s the only woman that you see.

Don’t try to say jokes that are half-meant. She will analyze it all day long.

Don’t be too sweet as if she’s more than a friend.

Don’t try to send mixed signals.

Don’t test the waters.

Don’t let her give in to the “marupok” side of her just because you can’t be a Warrior willing to lay down your purest intention and pursue her.

Please, don’t be a Ninja.

You don’t know how she’s doing her best to keep her wall protected.

You don’t know her efforts to live with her standards.

You simply don’t know how she’s making herself strong enough to be guarded.

Just to be the right one for Someone.

Don’t make it harder for her.

Keep your distance, if you can’t Man up, yet.

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