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An Open Letter to Mr. Bassist

I’ve been praying for you since 2012. Why? For me you’re the epitome of everything that a man should be. Your charm and the way how deep you look are the hardest thing to resist. I can’t help but to admire you from afar. Days, months and years of admiration turns to love. I did not fall in love by your looks but by your soul and the way you serve God. This love leads me in prayer that one day you may know me even as a friend.
As life goes by, you became the best version of yourself while I at my worst. I felt that no one deserve me specially you. My insecurities lead me in prayer that you might not find me but you may find the woman you deserve. But destiny give me a chance, we were given a time. I was able to hold your hand, watch different movies with you and I knew how to make you laugh harder. How I wish it wont end but it ended.
I know I hurt you through my immature words in the moment of my heart bursting. I’m sorry for being insensitive, hopeless and flat out mean. Our past talk makes me understand why I can’t never have you the way I wanted to. It sink in more when in your darkest days instead of staying and waiting until you in a good shape I choose to run away. I am not brave enough to see you in sadness because I can’t do nothing.
Everything was in a mess and it hurts a lot, I know I don’t have the rights to blame you or tell you what to do because I’m into you. I’m craving for more moments with you but I will stuck myself watching and loving you again afar. I understand that I am now out of your league, not worth fighting for. Maybe it is not the right time, maybe we really not meant to be as I hope before. I hope someday, somewhere our path will cross again. If not I’ll be looking for you in eternal city. Thank you at least I got the chance to know you deeper.

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