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SANA ALL. This means that you are in hope that SOMEDAY you will be in a good and comfortable situation and have things like you see on social media – a love life, a career, a travel goal, a house, a happy family, a vacation, etc. Yet, do not take this in expense of others like “Buti pa sila walang pasok kasi may bagyo, sana all”

But, “sana all” turns out to be a ‘battlecry of desperation’ to have things immediately at our hands.

SOMEDAY. Someday means you have to wait. But this is not merely a waiting game. While waiting for that one day, you have to work yourself up. Be better, be wiser, be stronger, be more sensible, be more mature.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Huwag kang mapressure kung anong nakikita mo o naririnig mo. Huwag kang mainggit, ‘wag kang magselos. Sa kagustuhan mong magkaroon ng kung anong meron sila, yang “sana all” mo baka maging “sana hindi na lang”.

Better to wait than to regret. So while waiting, love yourself. Know your worth. Increase your value. For if things fail, you have something left for yourself. Someday, you will have the things you deserve that matches how strong you are and not on how marupok you are.

So what’s the deeper meaning of “sana all”? It means you have to work your present self for your future/better self and hopes. You are more than just taga-sigaw ng “sana all”. Balang araw, sariling kwento mo na ang kakikiligan mo at sasabihan mo ng “ayiiieee”. And I believe in you.

So before saying, SANA ALL, sana ready ka na, sana you can prove that you are deserving, you are worthy of your “sana all”. And by the time your “sana all” becomes a reality, it will not be just temporary, it will last.

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