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I had been through so much ups and downs in life. I had learned a lot from being stubborn and self-willed. I hurt people and got hurt by them. I had been through pain and heartaches. But those struggles that came my way, I had learned what love was really all about.

All of us have loved. Either love towards our parents, friends, or opposite sex. And I believed, we all experienced being hurt by them. Some bore the pain lightly and easily but there are others who take it to heart. Thus, it leaves a scar in the heart that even though years will come by, it will remain a scar that cannot be taken away.

Yes, it will heal.

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Yes, it will learn to love again but the remembrance of once a broken heart will mark forever.

I am one of those whose heart won’t never be the same again because I have wrongly loved someone. Did I regret it? I am sure my answer is no. That memory taught me the greatest lesson in love – true love won’t hurt. It always thinks about the benefit of the other person. It is not selfish nor proud. It is not what you can get but what you can give. True love will say, “I would rather be hurt but not him (her).” Because if we love someone, we will not do anything that cause him (her) to be hurt nor feel sad.

Is this still possible? Yes. But I believe it will be impossible without God. For the greatest example of love is Him. He gave without expecting anything in return. He was hurt but bore the pain because He thought of us.

True love then is not about me. It is a selfless act to commit that no matter what happens, we remain true to our words. No deception nor hypocrisy.

So when we choose to love, we ask ourselves, “Am I willing to be hurt so I can love more?” If our answer is yes, then we are ready to love.

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