Being Lost Is Not A Bad Thing


Being lost often has a lot of negative connotation. Some people may say to you, that you’ve changed, or maybe you are not thinking in the right way. They may judge you on stupid things you might do. Remember being lost is part of yourself. Keep in mind that if you are always on the track you will never know the real essence of who you are.

Talk to God if you are lost. You may not find right answers in the blink of an eye, but with the leap of faith certain things will move away and things for you will slowly propels towards you; Openly having audacity for everything, it maybe something that you never thought of doing or something that you scared of doing before or things that you never tried before. Slowly learning with courage to find yourself again is the most essential thing for journey without a map, surely you will find yourself again with redirection of what you need to be. Remember, choose your faith over criticism.

Discovering yourself is not a overnight magic to right destination. Taking to God is just a one simple step towards self worth or wisdom that makes your heart at peace.

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Learning to talk to God allows you to feel incredibly deep inside, the freedom of taking step towards uncertainty, feels more satisfying, more safer and much fulfilling. Realising that you don’t need to figure out where will you go or needing to self judge to certain things, bad or good. Talking to God gives you the determination of whatever I am now, whoever I am with, whatever I am doing these are all part of my wisdom someday.

And that thought, being lost is not a bad thing, it is much more satisfying.


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